Echoes of St. Augustine II - CD


1. Pavan (Duet)
2. Folias (Performed with Baroque Lute)
3. Gavotte II (Performed with Baroque Lute)
4. Sevillanas (Moorish)
5. Granada
6. The Canon in D - Pachelbel
7. Irish Cabin
8. Greensleeves
9. Renaissance Merriment
10. Danza (Robin Hood's Lament)
11. Packington's Pounds
12. La Rosignoll (Duet)
13. Kemp's Jig (My Bonnie Lass)
14. Alman (Robin is to the Greenwood Gone)
15. Now, Oh Now I Needs Must Part (Frog Galliarde)
16. Prelude in D Minor
17. Gailarde (My Lady Gwynevyre)
18. Two Pavanas (C Major)
19. (D Major)



Musicians: Jim and Sylvia Kalal, Robert W. Fraser

Jim & Sylvia perform repertoire that reflects the historic English and Spanish periods of olde St. Augustine. They have showcased this lovely period music at the famous Menendez Festival often attended by King Juan Carlos. The baroque lute is a special feature on this CD with its gossamer, strident tone.